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Most of the companies I work with are relatively small players competing directly with large enterprise companies. There are a lot of obvious challenges here, especially in the world of SEO.

But small companies have a handful of advantages that – if leveraged correctly – can level the playing field and even tip the scales their way.

On this episode of the Growth Mapping Podcast, Aaron and I discuss how we help small business compete with enterprise businesses in SEO.

  • 1:50: Some of the advantages of being the underdog when it comes the ability to make changes.
  • 7:25: The correct ways to use backlinks and other strategies to boost your authority.
  • 9:10: Using local optimization as a small-business owner: what to focus on and why this can help you beat the big guys.
  • 11:10: Why you don’t have to create a lot of content if you focus on thought-leadership, promotion, and building ancillary content.